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Beginners: If you’re a beginner, whether your female, male, junior, senior, or have a physical handicap, my services will help you achieve a level of comfort with additional knowledge, awareness and understanding. When either playing on a course, practicing at a range or anywhere on the golf facility the intimidation factor will be put at ease.

Intermediates: As an intermediate, you will enhance your knowledge and start understanding what your club does to the ball and what your swing does to the club. Transform aggravation and frustration into knowledge and understanding, so you enjoy your game.

Accomplished Players: As for the accomplished player, fine-tune your skills and incorporate a physical and mental proficiency to elevate your game to the next level.

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Student Testimonials

I was fortunate enough to have my oldest daughter purchase a 6 lesson private instruction plan from Michael Major at Torrey Pines.  As an almost 70 year old new to the game of golf (4-5 years hacking!) I wanted to try to improve my game.  Michael devoted time to the swing fundamentals, pitching, putting, sand and basic improvement techniques.  Well, I definitely improved in all areas and saw strokes fall from my scores!  Not only did I notice and feel the difference but my golf buddies did also.  I highly recommend Michael Major as an instructor and I am thankful for the instruction he provided to me.

Dr. Bob Stein, San Diego

"Maj" is fun to work with and connects with golfers of all ability.  He works with what you have as compared to a one size fits all type of teaching philosophy.  He's regarded as a top San Diego golf instructor, and he has the 20+ years of experience to back the claim!

Adam Hermsdorfer

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