Taking the club to far back

Taking the club too far back

Too many players have a tendency to take the club too far back in their backswings which we’ve come to know as an “overswing”. This can lead to a domino effect of faulty motion and the consequences are inconsistency in direction as well as distance.

There are a couple faults which promotes taking it too far back. Most common is to keep swinging the arms after the body stops in the backswing, causing the left elbow to collapse or bend to much. When this happens, the players tendency is to throw the club from the top, causing the body to stay back on the right side which pushes the club onto an outside path, and the wrists unhinge too early. The typical result is a weak slice.

To fix this, think of keeping your hands further away from your head at the top of your backswing. This produces a wider arc so its easier to swing the club back in front of your body on the way down. Leading to straighter shots and more consistency.

The other common fault is too much straightening of the right knee in the backswing causing an over rotation of the hips and shoulders. The club gets too deep or stuck behind the upper torso. When this happens, it causes a narrowing of the arc with the club to close to the body leading to pushes and hooks.

To fix this, keep the right knee slightly bent all the way to the top of your backswing. If you straighten the right knee going back your right hip gets higher than it should and your weight goes left. Focus on the right knee staying as flexed as it was at address and the weight will be on the right thigh and the right arc of your foot. Yes the knee will swivel to the right a little during your backswing and that’s fine. This limits the over rotation of the hips and shoulder turn keeping the hands and arms from getting too deep by a more controlled rotation. When the arms stay short but wide in your backswing your in a better position to swing the club back to the ball on a straighter path. That leads to efficient ball striking…further and straighter shots.